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The Flour Shop, Highland Village TX

As with so many great small-business success stories in America, the idea of The Flour Shop was made from scratch many years ago.  

I love to support local businesses and am embarrassed to say that I've never visited The Flour Shop at The Shops of Highland Village.  Maybe it's because I've worked so hard the last six months to drop that baby weight.  Or, more likely, I don't need another sweet treat to make my mouth water at the thought of the deliciousness!  

Key Lime Pie cupcake

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few years, you'd know that cupcakes and cupcake stores have burst onto the scene as a preferred dessert item.  Hey, I like to bake and can certainly bust out a box of Betty Crocker and make a whole mess of cupcakes for the cost of the average boutique-bought morsel of cake and frosting in a paper wrapper.  

And then I had a Key Lime Pie cupcake from The Flour Shop.  When I was pregnant with baby #2, my biggest craving was key lime pie.  I ate a whole pie in about two days and didn't think twice about it.  I still love key lime pie today.  So, when I saw there was a key lime pie cupcake, I was sucked in, but I had my doubts.  How good can key lime pie cupcake be?  Wait, every cupcake has filling?  I'm thinking my days in elementary school with the Hostess cupcakes and that sugary goop in the middle.  Yeah, that is definitely NOT the case.  The key lime filling was so exactly like my favorite dessert that I had to look down and make sure there wasn't another life growing inside me.  It was OMG good!

With about 70 different types of cupcakes and growing, Cara, the owner, is always looking to improve upon the recipes and making new ones to please her cupcake-loving fanatics.  Cara's story is wonderfully fresh and encouraging.  At the ripe old age of 29, Cara decided that she felt the need to follow her dream of owning her own business before turning 30.  Love that motivation!  Now 31 and engaged to be married, Cara and The Flour Shop celebrated their one year anniversary today with a special birthday bash.  I had the honor of meeting Cara and hearing how she learned her love of baking spending precious time with her mom, Judy, in the kitchen.  She gets her sweet tooth from her dad who she says has a "sweet mouth".  This is truly a labor of love filled with family and passion.  Cara is out to re-create memories of baked goods that maybe your grandmother used to make or that remind you of your childhood home.  She's willing and able to make whatever makes your mouth water.  

The Flour Shop

If you are in the mood for homemade treats ranging from cookies to Rice Krispie Treats and of course, cupcakes, stop by The Flour Shop.  You won't be disappointed and don't blame me for introducing you to your next food addiction.

Filled cupcake

*Tricia Hoffmann*

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The Flour Shop, Highland Village TX
As with so many great small-business success stories in America, the idea of The Flour Shop was made from scratch many years ago. I love to support local businesses and am embarrassed to say that I've never visited The Flour Shop at The… more
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