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My List of New Year's Resolutions I KNOW I Can Keep!


I think the gym is a great indication of how long it takes the average person to strike out with their New Year's Resolution. Three weeks.  I don't go to a gym anymore but when I did, I hated January.  You would see these people who had no clue how to stay on a treadmill, use common courtesy like wipe down the equipment (yuck!) but certainly looked good in their new Nike top-of-the-line shoes...because we all know it's gotta be the shoes!

I figured that one of the morning show programs would have chronicled the lives of half a dozen people as they set, attempted, and ultimately failed at their New Year's Resolutions.  Hey, I'm just being honest!

So, here it is!  My list of New Year's Resolutions I KNOW I can keep.  Feel free to add yours to the list!

  1. My husband always takes me out to dinner after a closing.  A little celebration for months of hard work.  I had my best year in my five year career and as he pointed out today, "I think we've missed a few dinners."  So...I resolve to go out to dinner after each and every closing!
  2. I have had my Supra key since April 2005.  After being dropped dozens of times, slobbered on by two different children, and living in my car during steaming hot Texas summers, it is starting to show it's age.  It took me three attempts to have it turn on while trying to show a house.  So...I resolve to buy the iPhone app to give me access on my iPhone!
  3. With two kids five and under and another on the way, my car is constantly a disaster.  Toys, cheese stick wrappers, sippy cups, MLS sheets, hair bows, flip flops, yard signs-the list goes on and on.  My oldest is always on me to let her help me clean my car.  Alrighty girlfriend!  You're hired!  So...I resolve to allow my daughter to help me clean my car out once a month!
  4. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same task over and over again but expecting a different result.  I have favorite pens, don't you?  I love the Pentel gel pens and the Pentel RSVP and yet I can never seem to find them!Instead, I have a drawer in my desk filled with crappy pens that I hate and these two cups filled with more writing utensils that get more use from my son throwing them on the floor.  How many of you do pick up a pen and it doesn't write.  You shake it, wet it or whatever trick you have like it's a bottle of ketchup and it still doesn't work.  Here's where the insanity comes in, at least for me.  Instead of doing the most obvious thing-throw it away-I put it back in the cup.  Why?  That's stupid and annoying!  So...I resolve to go through my pens and throw away the ones that don't work or that I don't like!
  5. We have three homes in our real estate portfolio.  Our primary residence and two rental homes.  We have been to the closing table for the purchase of the land to build our home (1), the close of the home (2), the refinance of the home (3), the purchase of our first rental (4), the purchase of our second rental (5), the refinance of our first rental (6), the second refinance of our primary home (7), and finally, the refinance of our second rental (8). Sheesh...I think I am personally responsible for five acres of rainforest depletion.  My file cabinet is busting at the seams with all that paperwork that I don't need anymore.  So...I resolve to clean out my house files and shred what I don't need!
I think these are resolutions I can actually keep.  Whew, I better get to work!

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