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Highland Village Police Rescued My 2-Year-Old!

Officer Pittinger with the butter knife in the bathroom.  That's ultimately what was used to pry open the bathroom door that my naked two year old son locked while I was trying to get him to go potty.

HVPD to the rescue!

I'm a little embarrassed that this is the second post about my naked son in the past few days but hey, it's summer and he's a sweaty beast!  We had just gotten back from the Castlewood pool in Highland Village, TX and it was shower time but the little man needed to use the potty.  He needed some privacy and then locked the door from the inside.  Brilliant.  I tried the small key that lives above the door frame.  Too short.  My neighbor let me borrow hers.  Didn't budge.  I decided to call the non-emergency number for the Highland Village Police Department and within three minutes, Officer Jones was ringing the doorbell.  After a few minutes of various devices like a coat hanger (seen here), credit cards, Officer Jones called for backup.  My son is screaming at this point.  Even better!  When backup comes in, Officer Pittinger tried a few things and then asked for a butter knife.  A few seconds of jimmying the door plate worked!  There is my son standing naked in tears and a puddle of something that was not water.  

I guess it's standard procedure to bring a little item of comfort for scared kiddos because Officer Jones opened up a bag with a sweet little friend for Beckett to cuddle.  

I hope and pray this is the only time I need to call Highland Village Police for something like this.  However, it's unbelievably comforting to know that whether it's a true emergency or something like a child locked in the bathroom, I can call the Highland Village Police Department and know that they care about the citizens of our community, no matter what age they are.  Thank you HVPD!  Not only did you help my family, but you gave us something to laugh about :)

Thanks HVPD!

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